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Transitional Mindset
Business & Life Coach

"Living my purpose, while helping you discover yours" 

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Patricia Williams

Transitional Mindset Business & Life Coach

Transformational Speaker​

 Blueprint Strategist

Financial Strategist

Visual Storyteller 

Master Networker




Patricia Williams better known as Thee Blueprint is a certified transitional business & life coach. Coach Thee Blueprint specialize in helping Entrepreneurs develop transitional mindsets that strategizes effective frameworks for their lives and businesses.

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Only you can stop you
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Transformational Speaker 

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Transitional Mindset Business & Life Coaching (Group or One on One)





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Small Business Challenges
Thee Blueprint Coaching Benefits
  • Cash-Flow Problems: Limited finances are a strain on a startup business. When you think you’re already stretching to thin, business coaches can show you ways to trim or cut cost..

  • Sales and Revenue Growth: As the backbone of your small business, coaches work tirelessly to package individual strategies to boost your brand awareness, reach, customer conversions and end-of-day profits.

  • Process Improvements: Creating blueprints for operations and systems that work for your small business is key to its success.

  • Personal Accountability: More often than you may like, small business owners can just get overwhelmed. We all need someone to listen to us and provide advice. Business coaching services provide this along with direction and accountability.

  • Strategic Planning - a custom step by step business blueprint is created for your challenge. 

  • Brainstorming Partners - there is an amazing feeling when you can bounce ideas off someone who can see your vision and willing to help you make it a reality.

  • Soundboard - very often we need someone to just listen as your personal coach, I will listen

  • Unbiased Perspective - we all need someone that we can go to and put it all on the table, I have a table just for you. 

  • Motivation and Empowerment - you will recieve weekly motivational and empowering quotes, texts, and or emails to help get you through the phenomal and not so great days.

  • E - book download - download not just our custome ebook but also our empowerment planner. 

  • And so much more...

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