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Fulfilling my purpose while helping you discover yours
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Meet Patricia


 Patricia has dedicated 11 years of community activism not only in her hometown community but surrounding communities as well. Through the community outreach group called Thee Emperial Elites, which was founded by her sister and she to honor their late aunt Thomasina Williams who was a breast cancer survivor. They had no idea the impact one small act of compassion would ignite.  After 6 years of successful community projects, Patricia began to realize there was much more to be done but it could not be accomplished by them alone.


 In June of 2018 Patricia created a network to be a sister group to Thee Emperial Elites. Thee network is called Thee BCN. Thee BCN is a collective of Donors, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Influencers, Non-Profit Organizations, Community groups, Community Leaders, and Aspiring business owners, who are likeminded. The Network exist to support and educate one another all while assisting Thee Elites in their community endeavors.


After many gainful projects and collaborations, Patricia understood that because she had grown, so did her purpose. On January 1, 2021, Patricia rededicated herself to her faith, unaware at that time of the seeds being sow. In the midst of a pandemic, she sat frantic, and in that moment, God revealed to her, that he keeps his promises, and her life has more purpose than she could ever imagine.


In May 2021, Patricia received her business coaching certification and in January 2022, Patricia founded Thee Blueprint Collective nonprofit organization. Thee BC is a multifaceted entity that house 3 distinct branches, each designed to carry out her vision of serving the community through outreach, education, and economic impact. Patricia desires not only to continue to grow so that she can give you the absolute best version of herself, but also to educate others on how to become the very best version of themselves so they can provide solutions for others.

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Only you can stop you
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