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Thee Branches

Thee Blueprint Collective is a multifaceted entity with three distinct branches also known as Blueprints. Branch 1, the Outreach branch called, Thee Emperial  Elites, is dedicated to making a positive impact on the community through community engagement, various initiatives and projects. Thee Elites aim to address and alleviate pressing issues within the community. Branch 2 is the Business Network, called Thee Collective. Thee Collective serves as a networking hub that connects business owners and entrepreneurs not only to each other but also the community. Thee Collective also supply access to resources and  provide opportunities to foster collaborations. The 3rd branch is named Legacy, which is the educational branch.  Legacy is committed to educating women who aspires to become business owners, entrepreneurs and community builders. Legacy offers leadership and entrepreneurial programs, bootcamps, and workshops. 

"Thee Blueprint Collective is your starting point".

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