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Thee BC Is Your "Starting Point"

Thee Blueprint Collective is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established to build. Thee Blueprint Collective operates on a custom framework created by founder, Patricia Williams. The framework consists of three branches also known as Blueprints. Each Blueprint is specifically designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs start a business, become a better version of themselves, and build a net worth that is built upon their network. 


Thee Blueprint Collective is your starting point.  



Our mission is to prepare and educate aspiring entrepreneurs for business ownership. Thee Blueprint Collective is your starting point. 

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Our vision is to become an acclaimed and renowned nonprofit that  provide an impeccable hands-on  experience at no cost to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Our goal is to honor all commitments and deliver results.

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Core Values

Honesty, Faith, Trust, Patience, Respect, Integrity, Family, Hardwork, Perseverance

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