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Thee Blue Brunch


Celebration of Women's Empowerment & Survival  

The Ross Centre

1535 Russell St. 

Orangeburg, SC 29115

November 4, 2023


Purpose Of The Event

 Thee Blue Brunch is a celebration of Survival in honor of all women. On this day we will commemorate all the phenomenal women who have faced adversities more often than triumphs but yet they  continue to survive gracefully. Being able to consistently arise each day after day to cater to the needs of children, spouse, parents, siblings, and lets not forget the needs of their clients and customers, in the meantime putting themselves last. Being able to withstand and remain able to tell the story, now that is a huge victory and a fine example of true survival. 

If this describes you or someone you know, join us. 

Survivors show off your swag in the 2nd annual Survivor Strut.  Express your triumph with a statement pair of shoes and a walk that commands the room. Click the button below to enter, I dare you. 


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