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Calendar of  Events

Get lost in everything we do. Our events will have you sitting on the edge of your seats.  From the stage presence of our speakers, the wealth of knowledge from our educators, and the guest list. The energy created within our rooms are incomparable. Missing an event is not encouraged. Click the link below to subscribe and stay updated. See you soon.

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2023 Calendar

Thee BC "Educational Program" Fundraiser

July 2023

This year we kick off our educational fundraising. The funds raised will go towards the our education programs. Your donation would be greatly appreciated. We thank you in advance for your support. 



Thee BC   Speed Networking Social 

2023 date tba


Thee BC "Business Plan" Workshop 

2023 date tba

By popular demand. Thee BC will host our very first hands on 4 week Business Plan workshop. If you have been wanting to write your business plan and in need of assistance, click the tab below and register now to be updated first upon the release of all final details. Only 37 spots available. First come first serve. See you soon.


Thee BC Grant Writing Roundtable 

2023 date tba

Two heads are better than one. Thee BC will host its first grant writing roundtable. The purpose of this is to bring succssful grant writers together with those in need of learning how to write grants for their business and organization. If you are interested in joining us, send us an email by clicking the tab below and put join roundtable on the subject line. See you soon. . 


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Thee BC   "Financial Literacy" Workshop

2023 date tba
Everyone needs to know the numbers game. Reserve your seat today and learn the key factors surrounding money. 



Thee BC   "Teams & Tables" / Teams Building Workshop 

August, 2023 
Join us for a series of seminars by Coach Thee Blueprint, on how to build tables as well as prepare to be seated at others.  Gain knowledge and perspective on what rooms to enter, how to enter, and how to project your starpower when inside the rooms. Strategize and implement.

Limited Seating

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Thee BC Educators & Team annual "Lunch & Learn" 


Thee BC Educators and Team members gather for continuing education. We believe and acknowledge that our education must continue in order for yours to continue. 


Branding Photoshoot

June 2023 date tba

Every business owners, Entrepreneur must have a professional headshot for business purposes. BC attendees will receive discounted packets for attending workshops. More information to follow. 


Thee BC  "Elevator Pitch" Workshop

2023 date tba
You only get one chance for a first impression, make it your best the first time around. Learn how to pitch and exactly what to say when you are in the right room in front of the right people. 


Thee BC  "Public Speaking" Workshop

date tba
Public speakin is at an all time high. Learn how to speak to your specific audience and how to make an impact each time you open your mouth. See you soon.


Thee BC  "Content Creating" Workshop

June 2023 date tba
Register today to secure your seat and or for more details as it unfolds. Not only do we teach you how to create content but also teach how content creates itself. "I know right", register and find out exactly what does that mean. See you soon. 


Thee BC Annual Christmas Drive

December 2023

Help us put a smile on a child's face this Christmas. You may donate funds or the following: New / Gently used coats, unwrap toy for a boy or girl, gloves and hat. 

For more information feel free to contact us by phone at 803 - 707 - 1401 or by email at

Thank you for your support


Sponsoring Families For Christmas

December 2023

Thee B.C. spreads love and holiday cheer by adopting families for the holidays. We partner each year with neighboring organizations and community groups to make a childs christmas wishlist a reality. Thank you always for your support.  

If you would like to support or know of a family in need feel free to contact us at 803 - 707 - 1401. 

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Every great leader must first become an awesome follower.

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Personal Development

Do you know who you are? Discover why and master it. 

Business Strategies

Having a game plan is always best befoe you do anything else. Learn how to strategize effectively.

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Target Audience

Identify who your audience is and how to market to them.

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Aditional Streams Of Income 

Learn how to create extra streams of income that are related to your original stream. 

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Business Structure

Learn how & why you should structure your business correctly from the beginning.

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Learn the importance of business credit, how to use business credit, how to build business credit, and more.


Learn why branding is important and the correct approach.

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Learn why marketing is important and the many avenues to 

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Digital Currency

Learn how to invest in fored, bitcoin, and other currencies.

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Business Pitch 

Learn how to deliver a smooth calculated business pitch where the end result is a sale.

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How to set up a wix website

We help you with the basics of setting up a website. 

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Product Development

Learn why branding is important and the correct approach.

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Content Creation

Great content can equal to money in the bank. Learn how.

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Every business should have a general idea of effective bookkeeping, let us show you how. 

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Money management is important, if you are not sure as to how, register today and learn how. 

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Learn what makes you gain weight, the proper eating habits, how to get the weight off, and keep it off. 

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Learn some tecqniques of building a successful networking circle.

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Skin Care Formulation

Learn how to correctly formulate, package, and distribute your very own skin or hair care line.

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There will always be challenges, learn how to stay empowered and encouraged. Then be a blessing to another.

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The Power Of Networking

Networking is a skill and an art. Register today and learn how to develop and harnest your networking skills.

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How to apply / qualify for grants 

There is funding for those who qualify, learn how to qualify.

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Critical Thinking

Learn how to apply critical thinking in frustration situation with unhappy clients that lead to positive results. 

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How To Write A Business Plan

Do you have a business plan? Do you know why you need a business plan? Register and learn this and more.

2024 Calendar
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Thee Genesis Program "Aspiring Entrepreneurs"

Sunday, January  2024
If you are considering starting a business or a startup business, Thee Bluerint Collective is your starting point. Register for our Genesis program which has been strategically designed to prepare aspiring entrepreneurs for business ownership. 


  Thee Journey Program " Business & Personal Development"

 Thee BC Journey program is a continuation of thee Genesis program. Journey comprises everything learned in Genesis and couples it with your personal and business skill sets. Together, they are the perfect marriage of discovering who you are, mastering your mindset, creating your network, and much more. 

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Thee BC Youth Recipient Fundraiser

March 2024
Every year we choose an organization, school, or program to give a donation. We would not exist if it wasn't for outreach. We do our part because we understand with aid you can make an even greater impact.

Vision Board 

Thee BC  Vision  Board & Networking Social "write the vision and make it plain"



Join us and other business professionals to meet, greet, network, socialize, and build beneficial relationships all while having fun. 

2025 Calendar

 The Traveler Program

If you are an established business owner experiencing a stagnant period in your business, register today. Over our years of experience, we have come to realize that most of you may simply need a refresher in entrepreneurship to retrain your brain and mindset. It is our absolute please to be of assistance. Thee BC is your starting point. Our Journey program has been strategically designed by multiple coaches, educators, and experts in their field to get the results you desire.  To register or for more details, click the desired link.

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