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Thee Blueprint Collective Network

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Thee BCN is where we show and prove. It is fairly easy to make promises however, we dont make promises we stand on our word.


Thee BCN is ran off of a Blueprint that not only promote the fostering of beneficial business relationships but also personal. It is our belief that you are your BRAND and before anyone else will buy into your business / brand, they must first fall in love with you. 

Our Business Development and Networking program teaches you how to take raw talent and skill backed resources and tools, and get the results you desire that delivers solutions that your clients and customers need. Thee BCN is where, all you have learned at your starting point is put into practice.


Thee BC is your starting point. 

Meet The Network


Patricia Williams

Transitional Mindset Business & Life Coach

Transformation Speaker

Financial Blueprint Strategist

Master Networker

Visual Storyteller

Director of Education


T. Brown

Master Natural Skin & Hair Care Formulator

Natural Formulation Educator

Private Labeling Manufacturer

Director of Business Development 

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