For nearly 10 years our hearts have rejoiced knowing we have contributed to the joy and laughter of children in not just our communities but others as well and we could not have accomplished it without you. This year is no different. We ask that you find it in your hearts once more, to make a donation so we may continue to do our part. 

Each year our organization choose youth recipients from different cities to be of assistance. It is our absolute pleasure to be able to give a child a need, that sparks a ray of hope and plant seeds of compassion.  


If your beliefs align with ours, click a button below that best suits your method to donate. We thank you for your continued support and as always remember "together we can do most things but God can do all things".


“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” – Mark Twain

Past Recipients

Wall of Fame


Comunity Outreach
North & Orangeburg SC

Children & Elderly

2012 - 2019


Winfield Heights
Williston, SC

Kindergarten Ministry & Youth Group



Jak's Essentials
West Columbia, SC




Press 2 Success
St. Mathews, SC

All Girls Mentorship Group



2022 Recipient


Passion 2 Pay Project
Founder: Dr. Ronda S. Boyd

What is P3

P3 strives to be the leading youth community resource center in Columbia, South Carolina. P3 programs and projects will help youth in low income neighborhoods to become caring, responsible and productive adults by giving them the accessible resources in their neighborhoods. The programs will eliminate latch key children that tend to engage in risky behavior including alcohol use, violence, illicit drug use, and sexual activity by giving them a place to go after school. The goal of P3 is to assist students in developing their gifts and talents that will lead to their passion. The program is designed to help them build their resume with current skills and new skills they will discover during the program. They will use the resume to apply for colleges, find jobs and develop their entrepreneurial skills. At the end of the school year P3 will be assisting students that went thru the 9-week program in getting jobs in the fields closely related to their passion. During the school year the center is open from 3pm-7pm Monday thru Friday, right after school ends. The center is closed on holidays, when school is not in session and inclement weather. Each youth comes in and retrieve their personalized folder from the file cabinets. Each folder will have the students individualized vision board that was created by them at the start of the program laminated to the outside of the folder. The vision board is to promote a positive identity by helping the students identify their sense of purpose and help them understand their life matters. Each folder contains a self-reporting score card, that helps them understand they have control over what happens to them. Each student fills out the score card before starting their daily activities. Next the student is to take time to sit in silence for 3 minutes to reflect on their day and then write for 5 mins on how they are feeling right now or a suggested topic. Writing helps remove mental blocks that allows the youth to rationalize and analyze while allowing them to be creative, express their feeling and understand. In a group or one on one each student will get an opportunity to share their writing with a adult volunteer that will help them build a supportive relationship. Then they will complete all assigned homework assignments. Tutors will be available to motivate and engage students in learning by assisting students with their homework, studying and other school assignments. 

Thank you for your support