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Some would argue that the mindset is where life and death of many dreams and goals hang by a very thin thread. It is also written " as a man thinketh, so shall he be" If both are true, why not equip your mindset with exactly what you need to become exactly who you want to be.


Thee Blueprint Collective Nonprofit Organization is your starting point. We have willfully taken on the challenge to step into one of the many roles of helping Entrepreneurs like you scale not only in business but also with your personal mindset growth. Our network socials, webinars, conferences, and our hands on entrepreneurial business programs & workshops, which are strategically customized, does just that. The strategies used are to fortify your mindset with knowledge you can use not only in business but your personal life as well, inspiration that you can then use to inspire another, empowerment that others can see each and every time you step into a room, and in-depth implementation on "how to" in everything you have learned.


As stated above, Thee BC is your starting point.  

Meet The 2023 Educators


Patrica Williams

Business & Life Coach

Orangeburg, SC


Tamara Brown



ashley mc.jpg

Ashley M. Card



Starting Point

Thee BC has individual workshops as well as 3 entrepreneurial programs strategically created to assist you with creating a roadmap that will be your guide towards achieving your business and personal goals.

For more information, continue reading down the page. Thank you and we will see you soon. 

Workshop Benefits 

Novel your way of thinking

Networking opportunities

Get inspired to work better

Uncover a new super power

New beneficial relationships

Meet other likeminds

Meet potential customers


Help someone else

And so much more

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Business Structure

Learn how & why you should structure your business correctly from the beginning.

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Learn the importance of business credit, how to use business credit, how to build business credit, and more.


Learn why branding is important and the correct approach.

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Learn why marketing is important and the many avenues to 

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Digital Currency

Learn how to invest in fored, bitcoin, and other currencies.

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Every great leader must first become an awesome follower.

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Personal Development

Do you know who you are? Discover why and master it. 

Business Strategies

Having a game plan is always best befoe you do anything else. Learn how to strategize effectively.

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Target Audience

Identify who your audience is and how to market to them.

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Aditional Streams Of Income 

Learn how to create extra streams of income that are related to your original stream. 

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Business Pitch 

Learn how to deliver a smooth calculated business pitch where the end result is a sale.

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How to set up a wix website

We help you with the basics of setting up a website. 

Product Development

Learn why branding is important and the correct approach.

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Content Creation

Great content can equal to money in the bank. Learn how.

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Every business should have a general idea of effective bookkeeping, let us show you how. 

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Money management is important, if you are not sure as to how, register today and learn how. 

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Learn what makes you gain weight, the proper eating habits, how to get the weight off, and keep it off. 

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Learn some tecqniques of building a successful networking circle.

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Skin Care Formulation

Learn how to correctly formulate, package, and distribute your very own skin or hair care line.

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There will always be challenges, learn how to stay empowered and encouraged. Then be a blessing to another.

It all begins in your mind. Develop a growth mindset for success and then take action. 

Learn what makes you gain weight, the proper eating habits, how to get the weight off, and keep it off. 

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The Power Of Networking

Networking is a skill and an art. Register today and learn how to develop and harnest your networking skills.

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How to apply / qualify for grants 

There is funding for those who qualify, learn how to qualify.

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Critical Thinking

Learn how to apply critical thinking in frustration situation with unhappy clients that lead to positive results. 

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How To Write A Business Plan

Do you have a business plan? Do you know why you need a business plan? Register and learn this and more.

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Join Our Team


Coaches & Consultants

Thee BC is also seeking to collaborate with more educators. If you willing to donate time, have a skill or knowledge, and a desire to share it with entrepreneurs in need, we have a place for you in Thee BC. Click the link below and lets construct a beneficial solution for all. Thank you in advance and we look forward to speaing with you soon.  
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